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Gluco Energy Rich Powder

Gluco Energy Rich Powder

500 gm Powder

Information about Gluco Energy Rich Powder

Gluco Energy Rich Powder is a specially formulated energy supplement. The powder is a rich cource of essential energy providing minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin D, Phosphorus and Calcium.

Benefits of Active ingredients:
Vitamin D strengthens the bones whereas Vitamin E prevents the oxidative damage and serves as the storehouse to provide the skin and bones with the needed supplements.
Calcium, the key component of the human bones, provides strength to the bones (more tensile). Additionally, it also acts as a cofactor for several cellular processes.
Phosphorus, key essential ingredient obtained from the plants, plays an essential role in the regulation of the repair of the tissues and cells in the human body.

It is also excellent for the all-round development of children. Gluco Energy Rich Powder also provides essential nutrients that refresh and energizes the body.

Use under medical supervision
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