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Ginvas Tablet
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Information about Ginvas Tablet

Ginvas tablet contains Gingko Biloba.
The compounds found in ginkgo may have a protective role in different stages of the decline of intellectual function via several mechanisms of action: vaso regulating activity of arteries, capillaries, and veins (increased blood flow), homeostasis of inflammation and oxidative stress, and prevention of cell membrane damage caused by free radicals, and neurotransmission modulation. Ginkgo Biloba extract is a brain revitalizer that treats depression, memory loss in the elderly, and sexual problems.
Ginvas tablet combact fatigue, stress, weakness & exhaustion, improves physical performance, retard degenerative processes of ageing and improve body?s resistance to infections. 
It also fight free radicals damaging effects and exhibit positive effect on growth, energy and appetite.

Direction of use:
One tablet to taken once daily after meal with water

Use under medical supervision.
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