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    G 2 Tone Syp 200ml

    (200 ml Syrup in bottle)
    G 2 Tone Syp 200ml
    Product Details
    G-2 Tone Syrup is a uterine tonic which contains Ashoka Chedi 360 mg, Ashvagandha 100 mg, Dash Mool 100 mg, Jirak 100 mg, Shatawari 100 mg, Maluphal 100 mg, Haritki 50 mg, Nagekesar 50 mg, Lodhara 50 mg, Raktchanda 50 mg, Braht Lata 50 mg, and Ulatkambal 50 mg.

    G-2 Tone Syrup are natural substances that treat various gynaecological problems and infections in the urinary tract. These ingredients also treat infertility, provide energy to the body, and boosts immunity. G-2 Tone Syrup is an ayurvedic formulation that helps treat menstrual irregularities, uterine dysfunctions, heavy bleeding during menstruation, amenorrhea, female infertility and anovulation.

    Use under medical supervision.


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