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Frs Capsule


Information about Frs Capsule

FRS Capsule is a unique Antioxidant combination, contains Selenium, Vitamin A, Copper, Zinc, and Vitamin C.
Vitamin A, C and Selenium are Antioxidants that help fight free radicals generated within our body. Vitamin is also an essential component for good vision, healthy immune system and cell growth. Vitamin C also helps in collagen formation, iron absorption and improves immune system.
Copper is required for producing and storing iron. Zinc is required for overall maintenance of health.
FRS Capsules are used as adjuvant therapy in common cold, wound healing, age related macular-degeneration.FRS Capsule as a nutritional supplement is also used in skin diseases like acne vulgaria, acne venenata, psoriasis, and ichthyosis. It also help in the prevention of ascorbic acid deficiency, treatment of scurvy, acidity urine, non-specific haemorrhagic states.

Use under medical supervision.
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