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Feripro Syrup
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200 ml Syrup

Information about Feripro Syrup

Feripro syrup is an important nutritional enhancer for pregnant females. The major components are Ferric ammonium citrate, folic acid and Cyanocobalamin. Usually, during the tenure of pregnancy females suffer from low haemoglobin levels and certain other nutritional deficits. 
Ferric ammonium citrate is the form of iron supplement and forms important part of haemoglobin and is also considered to have a slightly lower bioavailability as compared to ferrous salts as it is oxidised slowly by the intestinal lumen. It is most commonly used haematinic. Folic acid present in the tablet is important in contributing towards increasing the Haemoglobin levels of the females and increased amount of folate ion is also required during pregnancy. Cyanocobalamin is the synthetic form of Vitamin B12, it is supplemented in order to increase the red blood cells, as its deficiency leads to pernicious anemia which is the inability of the body to absorb vitamin B12 from food. 
Use under medical supervision
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