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Female Syrup
110 ml Syrup

Information about Female Syrup

Female cordial syrup is an Ayurvedic tonic for female. It helps in curing female related uterine problem that is disturbing physically as well as mentally.

It contains herbal ingredients such as Ashok, Lodra, Mulhati, Trifla, Harar, Ulat kambal, Nagar Motha, Bol, Ajowain. Female cordial syrup provides antiseptic (fights against infections), haemostatic restorative (stops bleeding) and astringent (contraction of inflamed tissues) actions. It is an effective uterine tonic that removes vaginal and Uterine toxic discharges.
Female cordial syrup is prescribed in conditions such as uterine bleeding, backache, and difficulty in menstrual cycles in women.

Directions of use:
Female cordial syrup is prescribed to be taken as two three times a day or as directed by Physician

Use under medical supervision.
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