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Elgydium Junior Gel

Elgydium Junior Gel

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Information about Elgydium Junior Gel

Elgydium Junior Gel is a toothpaste gel for milk teeth providing dental hygiene for children 2 to 6 years. It deposits a film of Fluoride which is invisible and protective to the teeth, while isolating the teeth from bacteria, acids and sugars attacks. It has a Soft non-abrasive texture and it is "sugar free?as well.
It contains Fluorinol which fixes to the enamel to help reinforce and protect the teeth and Siliglycol. It delays the sticking of bacteria and prolongs Fluorinol's action, even after tooth brushing.
It maintains Dental hygiene and provides prevention of tooth decay in Infants and children.

Directions for use:
Dispense pea size gel toothpaste on a soft toothbrush, and perform regular brushing of teeth and gums after each meal or at least twice a day. Brush teeth thoroughly by firmly pressing against the teeth and gums with the bristles at right angle to the outer surface of teeth and the handle parallel to the chewing surface. The child occludes the teeth and the brush is moved in a circle (rotary) action with as large as radius as possible. This technique is effective for young children. Be careful for that the child should use only a very small amount of toothpaste (size of a pea).

Use under medical supervision.

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