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Easegol Powder

Information about Easegol Powder

Easegol Powder has natural gelatinous substance which swells after soaking in water forming an emollient gel. It has no taste and odor of its own. It has laxative properties, because of this it helps in a passage of stools and promotes bowel movement. It is known for its gentle laxative, cooling, diuretic properties. It contains Isapghula husk, Sarijika Kshar , Nimbu Satva.

Easegol powder takes care of the constipation the natural way without straining discomfort of natural urgency and restores regularity by soothing and lubricating the intestinal system while adding natural bulk to the stool. It is full of fiber. It expands in the digestive tract. It?s gelatin base helps in natural bowel movement.

It also helps to reduce mild to moderately raised levels of blood cholesterol. It provides proper lubrication inside the intestine wall.

Direction of use:
Soak Easegol powder in water for 5 to 6 hours then you can take it along with luke warm milk at night before bed.

Use under medical supervision.
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