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Dr.Shugar Tablet

Dr.Shugar Tablet

90 tablets

Information about Dr.Shugar Tablet

Dr. Shugar Tablet is made from Stevia Leaf Exract, Dr. Shugar is 100% natural, calorie & chemical free & has no aftertaste. Moreover, Dr. Shugar does not affect blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits of Dr. Shugar Tablet:
Low calorie, No Chemical, 100% Natural
Stevia lowers postprandial glucose & insulin level in diabetic patients unlike aspartame
A Potent Anti-oxidant: Kills free radicals & protects our cells from oxidative damage
100% safe, no known side effects unlike aspartame & sucralose
300 times more sweet as compared to sugar
Ideal for cardio-diabetic, obese & health conscious people

Dr. Shugar Tablet is recommended for Diabetics, hypertensives, obese & calorie conscious people.
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