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    The therapeutic components of Gastrobin homoeopathically processed are Acidum sulphuricum, Capsicum annum, Natrum phosphoricum, Phosphorus and Robinia pseudocacia, are proven homoeopathic remedies covering various spheres of gastric diseases.

    Role of key ingredients:-
    Acidum sulphuricum: It covers heartburn and sour eructations and useful in cases of gastralgia in which the pains are either violent and contractive, or are of a dull, heavy, aching with flatulence. Loss of appetite and great debility are also covered.
    Capsicum annum: It covers symptoms like burning in the stomach after eating, great flatulence from vegetables, flatulent colic, atonic dyspepsia and painless rumbling in the abdomen.
    Natrum phosphoricum: It acts in the conditions of sour eructations after eating, sour vomiting, dyspepsia from fatty food, flatulence, rumbling, symptoms.
    Phosphorus: It is an established medicine for eructations, vomiting of food or blood that are temporarily ameliorated by ice-cold drinks, but returns as the stomach becomes warm. Dyspepsia with excessive flatulence and white tongue.
    Robinia pseudocacia: Helpful in conditions like constant eructations of a very sour fluid, heartburn and acidity especially at night, on lying down, distention of stomach and bowels, regurgitation of acid and bile, with a feeling that everything turns to acid.
    Gastrobin is an established product currently used in the treatment of such gastric disorders and associated symptoms. It reliably acts in cases where the gastric mucous membrane is inflamed due to excess gastric acid. It regulates the acid level in the stomach, thus alleviating typical complaints of hyperacidity, such as heartburn, burning in the stomach, pressure and pains in the stomach, gastric sensitivity to pressure, acid eructation and sour or acid vomiting. Gastrobin has shown itself to be of great value in treating cases of nervously irritable stomach with hyperacidity.

    Directions of use:-
    10 to 15 drops, to be taken 3 times per day before meals.

    Use under medical supervision.


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