Homedoliosis ds16 coldol syrup
Doliosis DS16 Coldol Syrup

Doliosis DS16 Coldol Syrup

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120 ml Syrup

Information about Doliosis DS16 Coldol Syrup

DS16 Coldol Syrup is a homoeopathic remedy, specifically designed to bring fast, effective relief for the symptoms of cold and flu. For best results, take immediately at the onset of flu or the initial stages of cold.

Key Ingredients:
Each 5ml contains:
• Acetenllid 3x 60mg
• Bryonia alba Ø 0.5ml
• Rhus tox Ø 0.05ml
• Gelsemium Ø 0.06ml
• Belladonna Ø 0.06ml
• Eupatorium perfolieum Ø 0.1ml
• Kalmegh Ø 0.5ml
• Vitex neg Ø 0.06ml
• Ferrum phosphoricum 3x 60mg
• Allium cepa Ø 0.06ml
• Ocinum san Ø 0.3ml
• Justicia adhatoda Ø 0.3ml

Key Benefits:
• Provides quick and effective relief for symptoms of cold and flu
• For best result, Start immediately at the onset of early symptoms of cold or flu

Direction for Use:
As directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Do not exceed the recommended dose
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Use under medical supervision
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