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Diapo Adult Diaper XL

Diapo Adult Diaper XL


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Information about Diapo Adult Diaper XL

Paramount Unisex, Disposable Diapo Adult Diapers are user-friendly and give the user longlasting comfort and maintain a high standard of hygiene at the same time makes the user feel secure and continue normal daily activities. These Diapers are highly absorbent with small cotton core placed over the big cotton core for extra absorption.
The usage of Adult Diapers is very vast and not just restricted to senior citizens. Women may need adult diapers during pregnancy sometimes, uterus removal or normal ageing post 60. Men may need adult diapers again due to ageing, prostrate removal etc.
Diapo Adult Diapers are also beneficial for a person with Alzheimers or for a person in a wheelchair who may be unable to reach and use a toilet on time.
Available sizes:
M (28"-40")
L (40"-59")
XL (50"-67")
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