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Dermidryl Lotion

Dermidryl Lotion

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Information about Dermidryl Lotion

Dermidryl lotion is a skin moisturising lotion with antiseptic properties that benefits skin having acne vulgaris, pimples and scars. It contains calamine and diphenhydramine.It has mild antiseptic and anti pruritic properties with soothing action and thus it gives relief from various irritable conditions of skin.
Role of key ingredients: 
Calamine relieves roughness,irritation,itching,dryness,rashes, and dermatitis.
Diphenhydramine soothes itching and relieves skin inflammation.
Dermidryl Lotion is used to treat itching and pain caused by minor burns/cuts/scrapes, sunburn, insect bites, minor skin irritations, or rashes. 

Directions for use: Apply the cream with gentle massage to the affected part 2 - 3 times daily.Use as directed by physician.

Use under medical supervision.
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