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Daily Essentials

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60 capsules

Information about Daily Essentials

Daily essentials of Planet Ayurveda is the best combination of ayurvedic medicines which are very well known for their therapeutic benefits. It contains has Grape seed, cow colostrums, bhumi amla, green tea which are natural antioxidants to fight aging process, clears free radicals, fights viruses and bacteria. Daily essentials prevent wrinkles, premature graying of hair, indigestion and related many health issues.
Daily essentials, a pure organic compound fights against illness and keeps you fit and healthy.
Benefits of Daily essentials:
Increases immunity power & provides longevity.
Removes toxins from the body as it is rich in best antioxidants.
Recommended in various health conditions like cancer, jaundice, allergy, asthma.
Helps in delaying age process.
Directions of use:
1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals or as directed by the physician.
Use under medical supervision.
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