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Information about Cracknil Cream

Cracknil Cream contains Glycerin, Light liquid paraffin, Lactic acid and Antiseptic agents.
Cracknil Cream has a soothing effect on the cracked foot and is also antiseptic in nature. It repairs the cracked skin and hydrates it.

Cracknil Cream is used in corns, warts, chronic dermatitis, psoriasis, ring worm, athletes foot

Benefits Cracknil Cream:
Hydrates and soothes skin using deep penetration action
Easy to apply topical application skin cream
Helps repair chapped skin, dry skin on feet

Direction of Use:
Throughly wash and clean the affected area (foot heel) and scrape the dead skin off with a scraper before applying Cracknil Cream.
Allow 10-15 minutes drying time after application.

Use under medical supervision

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