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Colo Mouth Gel
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10 gm Gel

Information about Colo Mouth Gel

Colo Mouth Gel is an ayurvedic oral gel which contains Khadiradi Ark (Acacia Catechu Ext.), Arimedadi Taila, Pipperment Oil, Cardamom Oil (Elayachi), Kapoor (Camphor), Suhaga (Borax), and Sarkara (Sugar).
Benefits of Key ingredients:
Pipermint oil, Camphour, Acacia catechu provide a cooling, antiseptic andhaemostatic
effect & thereby acts quickly in healing the ulcers and stopping the gums from bleeding.
Colo gel offers ulcer healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-burning properties.
Provides protection against recurrence of mouth ulcer.
No side effects and 100% Ayurvedic.
Colo Mouth Gel provides fast relief from mouth ulcers, gum swelling & pain, bleeding gums and glossitis.
Direction for use:
Squeeze 5 mm and apply gently on affected area.
Use under medical supervision
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