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Information about Colgate Sensitive Brush

Tooth sensitivity is due to the exposure of dentin, (the part of the tooth which covers the nerve, either through loss of the enamel layer or recession of the gums). Temperature changes and certain foods (acidic or sweet) can cause the tooth or teeth to be painful. The pain usually subsides after a short period of time. Sensitive brush have 48% softer bristles that help to protect enamel surfaces and gums .Polishing cups help to gently remove stains and raised cleaning tips help get into hard-to-reach-places.
Directions for use:
Use a sensitive brush (ultra-soft bristles) with low abrasive tooth paste. Brush correctly in and out covering each surface of the tooth with the rolling to and fro motion and neither over brush nor do that vigorously. Moreover use a tooth paste specially formulated to soothe the nerve endings in the tooth. For best results, brush twice daily and continue to brush regularly.

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