Cnbc Gel

Information about Cnbc Gel

CNBC Gel is an effective teeth and gum care gel. CNBC GEL is efficient in preventing dental caries, gingivitis,periodontal disease, oral submucous fibrosis. It is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, Neem, and Beta Carotene.

Role of key ingredients:
Coenzyme Q10 heals gums,increases tissue immunity by increasing tissue oxygenation and energizes gums by sublingual absorption.
Neem is an effective anti-bacterial acting against number of salivary bacteria. It is a natural teeth whitener and prevents plaque formation.
Beta Carotene improves ability of gums to fight against infection, supports collagen synthesis for wound healing and scavenges free radicals due to antioxidant property.

CNBC gel is an excellent gum energizer, which keeps all gum problems and dental complications away.

Use under medical supervision.
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