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Citazil Syrup

Information about Citazil Syrup

Citazil Syrup contains Manjith (Rubia Cordifolia), Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus Santalinus), Gorakh Mundi (Sphaeranthus Indicus), Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus), Daru Haldi (Berberis Aristata), Senna (Cassia Angustifolia), Triphala (Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Belerica), Sarasparilla (Hemidesmus Indicus), Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), Arq Neem Chall (Azadirachta Indica), Arq Chiraita (Swertia Chirata), Arq Indrayan (Citrullus Cotocynmis), Arq Kalmegh (Andrographis Paniculata), Arq Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa), and Arq Rewand Chini (Rheum Emodi).

Role of key ingredients:
Manjith, Rakta Chandan, Gorakh Mundi, Daru Haldi, Sarasparilla, Arq Chiraita, Arq Kalmegh, Arq Kutki, Arq Rewand Chini are blood purifiers.
Nagarmotha has antibilious property that remove excess bile from the body. Senna, Triphala, Arq Indrayan are laxative which is used to holds the water in the stool, soften the stool and increases the bowel movements.
Arq Neem Chall is acts as an antibacterial agent.
Citazil Syrup is acts as a blood purifier. It prevents the formation of pus and sepsis in wounds. It is used to treat skin infections, acne and other related diseases. It is also used for pimples and acne.

Directions of use:
1 to 2 teaspoonfuls thrice a day or as directed by the physician

Use under medical supervision.
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