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Cardipro Capsule

Cardipro Capsule

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Information about Cardipro Capsule

Cardipro is an organic polyherbal preparation indicated for problems of the cardiovascular system. The various natural ingredients in Cardipro act synergistically to provide various effects like lipid lowering, antioxidant and cardio-tonic and cardiac function regulator.
Cardipro inhibits certain enzymes involved in cholesterol synthesis and also decrease absorption of cholesterol from the intestine thereby leading to significant reduction in cholesterol. Cardipro also causes coronary vasodilation and helps to reduce the load on the heart. The antioxidant effects help to maintain the level of glutathione and peroxidase and prevents the damaging effects of free radicals.
Cardipro pre and post-cardiac surgery helps to prevent reperfusion injury.

Directions of use
Take one capsule twice or thrice a day.

Use under medical supervision
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