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Calcarea Iodata helps in treating flatulence. There is abdominal pain which is stabbing, piercing behind lower ribs on the right side. There is also hiccough with flatulence. It also has marked action on glandular affections like adenoids, tonsillitis, thyroid enlargement. It helps in thyroid enlargement at the time of puberty. Flabby children are prone to cold affections. Calcarea Iodata also helps in adenoids and polyp of nose. Enlarged tonsils are filled with little crypts. Calcarea Iodata is also useful in treating uterine fibroids.
Calcarea Iodata is also indicated in indolent ulcers of skin. There is swelling of the glands of the skin with cracked skin. Indolent ulcers accompany varicose veins.
Key attributes of homeopathic this single remedy are adenoids, flatulence, glandular affections, tonsillitis, and ulcers. Benefits of Calcarea Iodata are:

100% Natural
No Side Effects
Soft Tablets or Pellets Dissolve Instantly
Generic homeopathic single remedy

Use under medical supervision.


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