Calamine Lotion
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112 gm Lotion

Information about Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion is a skin moisturising lotion with antiseptic properties that benefits skin having acne vulgaris, pimples and scars. Calamine Lotion has Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate, Kaolin (Clay) & Glycerin as its main ingredients. 
Daily use nourishing lotion for healthy and glowing skin:
Recommended by dermatologists for acne prone and sensitive skin
Protects & heals damaged skin while fighting acne vulgaris / pimples
Controls excess oil (sebum production) & helps removal of dead skin
Zinc oxide provides sun protection and aids skin healing.
Skin moisturiser lotion that nourishes skin, reduces itching & redness
Glycerin give extra moisture & kaolin gives smooth texture
Keey away from children. Store in a cool & dry place away from sunlight, heat and moisture.
Use under medical supervision.
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