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Breath EX Capsule

Breath EX Capsule


Information about Breath EX Capsule

Breath EX Inhalent Capsule is a decongestant suitable for use by adults, as well as children aged 3 months and above. Karvol Plus capsules contains Camphor, Chlorothymol, Eucalyptol, Terpinol, and Menthol. Breath EX improves the patient's ability to breathe while sleeping, allowing the patient to sleep deeper and with less disturbances when suffering from a nasal congestion and colds.

Direction of use of Breath EX Capsule:
1. To use, simply snip off one end of the capsule
2. Pour the liquid contents onto a piece of fabric, such as a handkerchief, tissue, or bedding and inhale.
3. When used to treat children or infants, ensure the fabric used is completely out of reach
4. Or, put a few drops of karvol in a steam inhaler with water.
5. Let steam come out of inhaler machine and you can also inhale the karvol vapor .

Please Note:
Do not ingest Breath EX Inhalent or apply it onto your body or skin in any way.

Use under medical supervision.
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