Beens Mom Powder

Beens Mom Powder


Information about Beens Mom Powder

Beens Mom Powder is a nutritional supplement for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers. Beens Mom Powder contains Soya Protein Isolate, DHA Powder 20%, Evening Primrose Oil, Calcium, Folic acid, Iron, zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals. Beens mom is a complete nutritional supplement during pregnancy and lactation.
Beens Mom is a soya protein rich nutritional supplement that contains high quality purified soya protein and DHA which is essential for proper development of the fetus and maternal health. DHA has a greater role in fetal development. DHA supports brain and nerve development of fetus, aids to build visual activity of fetus and assist in developing healthy heart of child. Beens Mom also contains many essential vitamins and minerals which play a significant role in fetal health and growth. It builds immunity to mother and fetus, creates healthy and nutritious environment for proper fetal growth. Indication Nutritional support during Pregnancy Lactation

Direction for use
Place two tablespoon full of Beens Mom approximately 30 g in a glass containing little lukewarm water or milk. Stir briskly.
Add lukewarm water or milk to make a glass about 200 ml. If required add sugar to taste.
Drink the reconstituted beverage immediately.

Use under medical supervision.
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