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(20 ML Mother Tincture in bottle)
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The homeopathic remedy Baptisia is recommended more or less solely to treat severe feverish ailments accompanied by a typical array of symptoms, which may include bewilderment or also inertia, as if the person is drunk. The ailment causes intense stupor and weariness which may even make the patient fall asleep while conversing. In addition, the patient usually experiences nightmares and hallucination as well as a feeling that his/ her body is being dispersed into pieces. Often this sensation may result in problems in falling asleep, in addition to having feelings of being suffocated or gasping.
People suffering from septic conditions may find the homeopathic remedy baptisia beneficial. This medication is effective in treating reeking ulcers that occur inside the mouth and throat accompanied by smelly discharges. In such conditions, the breath, sweat as well as the urine of the sufferers are likely to have a disgusting smell. The symptoms of septic conditions begin all of a sudden and are accompanied by stupor and exhaustion . This condition may occur owing to any incomplete miscarriage or septicemia.

Use under medical supervision.


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