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    BAKSON'S Throat Aid Paediatric Tablet

    (25 gm Tablet in bottle)
    BAKSON'S Throat Aid Paediatric Tablet
    Product Details
    Relieve Sore Throat
    Effectively treats: Hoarseness loss of voice Laryngitis Pharyngitis Tonsillitis Tendency to catch cough cold
    Composition: Mercurius iod. ruber (Mercurius biniodatus) 6x, Belladonna 6x, Kali. mur. 6x, Baryta carb. 12x, Ferrum phos. 6x, Senega 6x, Ammonium mur. 6x.
    Infants (0-1 years): 1 tablet thrice a day.
    Toddlers (1-3 years): 2 tablet thrice a day.
    Children (Above 3 years): 3 tablet thrice a day.
    Presentation: 25gms/250 tablets.

    Use under medical supervision.


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