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Ayur Herbal Body Care Lotion

Ayur Herbal Body Care Lotion


Information about Ayur Herbal Body Care Lotion

Ayur Herbal Body Care lotion is an herbal skin care product that contains lemon and honey extracts.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Lemon is added to control how sebum is produced, thus keeping skin feeling smooth without being too oily.
Honey is also added to provide moisture to the skin and for improving softness.
Tea tree oil is also included in the Ayur Body Care lotion to prevent the development of impurities in the skin, particularly acne.

This may be used on a daily basis and can work after taking a shower. This is easy to apply and leaves a cool feeling on the body.

Directions for use:
1. Squeeze some lotion on your palm
2. Gently massage the lotion all over the body
3. Move palms in a circular motion

Use under medical supervision

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