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Ayur Herbal All Purpose Cream

Information about Ayur Herbal All Purpose Cream

Ayur herbal all Purpose Cream is routine skin cream. It contains Aloe vera blended with Vitamin E.

Aloe Vera is is a Gel-like substance containing several vitamins, minerals, amino acids enzymes. This gel is a very close match to the natural pH balance of human skin and has wonderful moisturizing and healing properties. Aloe Vera helps the skin to build collagen elastin and make it soft and supple, slowing down the ageing process. It is also a rich source of anti-oxidants which fight against sun damage and rejuvenate the Skin.
Vitamin E: It regulates the oil balance of the skin, keeps it hydrated by preventing water loss, reduces age spots, scars and stretch marks. Its powerful anti-oxidant properties protect skin against sun damage and can even treat sun burns. Vitamin E is medically proven to cure skin diseases as well as deter skin cancer due to its sun protection abilities.

Benefits of Ayur herbal all Purpose Cream:
Good for skin
Hydrates the skin
Sun protective
Soothtening effect

Use under medical supervision.
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