Apigra Syrup

Information about Apigra Syrup

Apigra Syrup is an herbal appetizer which contains different digestive enzymes which are helpful in attaining proper body digestion. It also contains multivitamins and minerals required for proper growth and development of body.

It is mainly contains different digestive enzymes like lactase, zymase, diastase, protease etc. which are helpful in better digestion which further increases the hunger of body. Amylase helps in breakdown of starch, protease helps in breakdown of proteins, lipase helps in breakdown of lipids. The product may cause diarrhea, headache, rashes in skin, hypersensitivity in some patients. Its high dosage may cause problems like diarrhea (loose motion). About 2 ? 3 teaspoonfuls should be taken orally with hot or cold water after taking food or as suggested by physician.

Use under medical supervision
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