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Amni Sense  Kit

Information about Amni Sense Kit

The AMNI SENSE Kit contains:
2 test panty liners, 
2 plastic drying boxes
AMNI SENSE detector is designed to detect probable leakage of amniotic fluid. The Test Panty Liner (TPL) that contains a removable pale yellow indicator strip changes colors when it comes in contact with fluid of pH level greater than 5. Amniotic fluid pH levels are greater than 6.5.
Directions for use:          
Wash your hands and pat them dry with a clean towel
Unwrap the Test Panty Liner (TPL) that contains a removable pale yellow indicator strip
Attach the TPL to your underwear
Pale yellow indicator strip should sit directly against your external genital
Wear the TPL as you would wear a panty liner till you feel wetness
If TPL gets wet, prepare the enclosed plastic box
Remove the indicator strip from the TPL
Lay the indicator strip on the white cloth in the open plastic box and close the box
Dispose of the TPL and check the colour of the strip after 30 minutes
Note: If the indicator strip stained blue or green, the fluid leak is probably amniotic fluid. Consult your physician or go to the hospital without delay.
Caution:Antibiotic therapy or vaginal infections may lead to false results owing to high pH levels.
Use under Medical Supervision.

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