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Alphamix BT Capsule

Alphamix BT Capsule

10 capsules

Information about Alphamix BT Capsule

Alphamix-BT Capsule contains Inositol 100 mg, Chromium Picolinate 150 mcg, Pyridoxine 1.5 mg, Mecobalamin 1000 mcg, Benfotiamine 100 mg, Alpha-Linolic Acid 50 mg, and Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 1.5 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Inositol controls high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also good for nerve health.
Chromium Picolinate cures improper nutrition in sick patients.
Pyridoxine is a type of vitamin used to treat anaemia and weakness.
Mecobalamin helps in healthy development and sustenance of our immune system, nervous system and circulatory system.
Benfotiamine is a form of vitamin B1. Deficiency of benfotiamine leads to muscle cramps. Alpha-Linolic Acid cures nerve-based symptoms.
Folic acid (vitamin b9) helps in the formation of red blood cells.

Alphamix-BT Capsule is a nutrition supplement which boosts immunity and helps stay fit.

Use under medical supervision.
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