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Alovit Cream

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Information about Alovit Cream

Alovit cream contains Aloe vera, Silicone oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E and Allantoin.
Alovit cream  is recommended in dry skin, minor burns, sun burn, cuts & abrasions
radiotherapy-induced skin reactions, eczema, pruritus and insect bites and stings.
Benefits of active ingredients:
Aloe Vera provides moisturizing, anti septic,sun screening & antioxident effects.
Silicon Oil provides moisturizing & glowing effect.
Vitamin E provides nourishing, moisturizing & antioxidant effect.
Allantoin provides moisturizing effect.
Shea Butter provides moisturizing , sun screening,anti- wrinkle & anti-inflammatory effects.
Benefits of Alovit cream:
Protects skin against climate & UV agressions.
Prevents wrinkle formation & other aging signs.
Moisturizes the epidermis.
Improves the release of polor active ingredients.
Use under medical supervision.
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