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Aloha Tablet are iron formulated supplements. The tablet comprises of ferrous ascorbate and folic acid. The combination is prescribed for the pregnant women to avert the onset of spina bifida in an unborn foetus. The combination helps in improving the utilization of iron and thereby prevents the deficiency of Iron.
Ferrous Ascorbate, synthetic form of Iron and Vitamin, treats iron deficiency due to chronic blood loss or poor absorption. As an ascorbate, it binds to transferrin, is transported to spleen, liver and bone marrow and absorbed effectively there.
Folic Acid, vital for the biosynthesis of purines and thymidylates of nucleic acids, helps in the production and maintenance of new cells. It also helps in the prevention of changes in the DNA. It treats the folic acid deficiency and maintains the balance of the vitamins.
The tablet is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, hemachromatosis and vitamin deficiencies.

Use under medical supervision


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