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Information about Ale Cream

Ale Cream is composed of Aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Benefits of active ingredients:
Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin having great nourishing properties due to its antioxidant ability. It controls tissue and cell membrane damage caused due to UV rays by scavenging oxygen free radicals and lipid radicals. Thereby, it also aids in prevention of photoaging of skin and wrinkles.
Aloe vera is a medicinal plant with great therapeutic potential. Aloe vera is composed of anthracene hydroxyl derivatives including aloins A and B2 with total 25?40% of chromone compounds and derivatives such as aloe resins A, B2, and C. It is highly used in various conditions such as skin rashes due to radiation therapy, frostbites, bed sores, inflammation of skin.

Direction for use :
Wash your face properly by face wash or by any mild soap.
After cleaning the face clearly and removing the dirt.
Take the cream in your hand and massage all over the face evenly with upper strokes .

Use under medical supervision

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