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Airveda PM2.5, PM10 Air Quality Monitor

Information about Airveda PM2.5, PM10 Air Quality Monitor

Airveda PM2.5, PM10 Air Quality Monitor is an affordable, and accurate air quality monitor. By simply using the monitor, you will help map real-time air quality data in our cities, and enable effective policy making around air pollution.
Salient features of Airveda PM2.5, PM10 Air Quality Monitor: 
Makes the Invisible visible: It makes visible the tiny, invisible particles smaller than 2.5 microns(PM2.5) and 10 microns (PM10) in the air that go deep into our lungs causing irreversible health damage.

Real Time: Airveda measures PM2.5and PM10 every few seconds and gives you our immediate exposure to air pollution where you are. 

Portable, On-The-Go: The small size and long battery life of 8-10 hours make it extremely portable. Can be charged using any USB power outlet on your car, laptop or power bank. It immediately, within seconds, updates to reflect the latest air quality numbers for where you are.

Accurate: High-quality laser sensor, calibrated for Indian conditions against BAM (Beta attenuation Monitor- most advanced system for measuring ambient air quality). 

Configure wth up to 5 Wi-Fi: It can be configured to work with up to 5 Wi-Fi at a time, so that it automatically connects to your Wi-Fi at home, at work and to your personal hotspot. 

One Year Warranty, Complete Confidence: Sturdy and extensively tested, the product is manufactured end to end in India. Comes with a hassle-free one-year warranty
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