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ADEL Tarentula Hispanica Dilution 30 CH

ADEL Tarentula Hispanica Dilution 30 CH


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10 ml Dilution

Information about ADEL Tarentula Hispanica Dilution 30 CH

Tarentula is especially effective for treating certain types of mental disorders or problems of the nervous system. This homeopathic medication is useful for curing obsession or mania accompanied with too much edginess and restiveness and also for mental and physical restlessness. Many homeopathic medical practitioners recommend this medication to people enduring such conditions.
It is also prescribed to patients suffering from different heart conditions , including angina (chest pain ) and other ailments of the heart.
Tarentula is prescribed for women who suffer from ovarian ailments wherein they may have a feeling that the problems are worse on the left side. It is also given to women who have sensitive genitalia accompanied with an itching sensation in the vagina and vulva. In such cases, generally the vagina and vulva of women become dry, hot and raw (often bleeding) and the sufferings are much more intense during scratching and excessive menstrual bleeding. In addition to treating these symptoms as well as the conditions themselves, Tarentula is also prescribed for headaches that are accompanied with a feeling of pricking needles in the brain and problems of the respiratory system - for instance, coughing .

Use under medical supervision.
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