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ADEL Sinapis Nigra Dilution 1000 CH
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Information about ADEL Sinapis Nigra Dilution 1000 CH

Sinapis Nigra Dilution contains Brassica nigra (Black Mustard). Sinapis Nigra Dilution is known to have multiple ailments.

Sinapis nigra is used in the treatment for Head ailments: Scalp hot and itches.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Respiratory ailments: Cough is relieved by lying down.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Throat ailments: Feels scalded, hot inflamed.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Stomach ailments: Offensive breath, smelling like onion, Burning in stomach, extending up oesophagus, throat, and mouth, which is full of canker sores.
Sinapis nigra treatment for Urinary ailments: Pain in bladder, frequent copious flow day and night.

Sinapis Nigra is known to have no side effects.

Use under medical supervision
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