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(20 ML Mother Tincture in bottle)
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Bryonia Alba acts on all serous membranes and the viscera. When patient feels aching in every muscle the general character of the pain here produced is a stitching, tearing; worse by motion, better rest. These characteristic stitching pains, greatly aggravated by any motion, are found everywhere, but especially in the chest; worse pressure. Mucous membranes are all dry. The Bryonia patient is irritable; has vertigo from raising the head, pressive headache; dry, parched lips, mouth; excessive thirst, bitter taste, sensitive epigastrium, and feeling of a stone in the stomach; stools large, dry, hard; dry cough; rheumatic pains and swellings; dropsical effusions into synovial and serous membranes.
Bryonia is also useful for treating the inflamed lining of the joints , abdomen, and chest as well as given to people enduring osteoarthritis and rheumatism, wherein the joints are aching, hot and distended.
Bryonia is also useful in treating a number of other health conditions, such as pneumonia as well as pleurisy accompanied with acute throbbing chest close to the rib cage, colic , and constipation. It is best for treating physical symptoms like a heavy sensation in the eyelids, a sharp pain, profuse sweating , and a tightened throat.

Use under medical supervision.


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