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Actilife Powder Chocolate

Actilife Powder Chocolate


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300 gm Powder

Information about Actilife Powder Chocolate

Actilife Powder is an ideal nutritional supplement that helps improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and improve overall immunity. 
Role of Key Ingredients:
1. Energy, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate- A source of constant energy that helps you grow and maintain body strength to stay ahead in life.
2. Fructo Oligo Sacchride- improves digestion, helps reduce cholesterol, improves calcium absorption for bone strength and provides overall immunity. 
3. Vitamin B and Vitamin C- To keep stress away, provide energy and keep nervous system healthy so as to help you work with greater concentration.
4. Vitamin A & Vitamin E- Helps you maintain a good vision, beautiful skin and a strong immune system to make you feel Better and raring to go.
5. Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium- Helps to keep bones strong and teeth healthy for years to come.
6. Iron- To keep one mentally alert so as to face any situation with confidence.
Directions of use:
1. Pour two spoonfuls of Actilife Powder into a glass. 
2. Fill the glass with warm water or milk and stir thoroughly. 
3. Keep stirring until there are no lumps and the powder has been completely dissolved and then drink the mixture. 
4. Consume Actilife Powder twice daily for maximum results.
Use under Medical Supervision
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