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Lafutidine+Domperidone is used in the treatment of acidity and heartburn.

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Side Effects of Lafudac D are Nausea, Diarrhea, Dryness in mouth, Fatigue, Headache, Muscle pain, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Increased liver enzymes, Protein in urine, Increased uric acid level in blood.

How Lafudac D Products work

Lafutidine + Domperidone is a combination of two medicines: Lafutidine + Domperidone1 and Lafutidine + Domperidone2, which relieves symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Lafutidine is an H2 blocker (antacid). It works by reducing the amount of acid in the stomach which helps in relief of acid-related indigestion and heartburn. Domperidone is a prokinetic which works on the region in the brain that controls vomiting. It also acts on the upper digestive tract to increase the movement of the stomach and intestines, allowing food to move more easily through the stomach.

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  • Lafudac D helps relieve acidity and heartburn.
  • It is a well tolerated and safe medicine with very low incidence of side effects.
  • It should be taken before meals as per the dose and duration prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid taking soft drinks, citrus fruits like orange and lemon while taking this medicine. These can irritate the stomach and increase acid secretion.
  • It may cause dizziness and sleepiness. Don't drive or do anything that requires mental focus until you know how it affects you.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking Lafudac D as it may irritate your stomach and also cause excessive drowsiness.
  • Inform your doctor if you get watery diarrhea, fever, or stomach pain that does not go away.

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