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    Information about Telmisartan

    Telmisartan uses

    How telmisartan works

    Telmisartan is an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB). It relaxes blood vessels by blocking the action of a chemical that usually makes blood vessels tighter. This lowers the blood pressure, allowing the blood to flow more smoothly to different organs and the heart to pump more efficiently.

    Common side effects of telmisartan

    Nasal congestion, Back pain, Diarrhea, Sinus pain
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    Expert advice for Telmisartan

    • Take it at the same time every day to help you remember to take it.
    • It can make you feel dizzy for the first few days. Rise slowly if you have been sitting or lying down for a long time.
    • Your doctor may get regular tests done to monitor the level of urea, creatinine, and potassium in your blood.
    • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen along with this medicine without consulting your doctor.
    • Do not take Telmisartan if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Do not stop taking it suddenly without talking to your doctor.

    Frequently asked questions for Telmisartan


    Q. My blood pressure is now controlled with Telmisartan. Can I stop taking it now?

    No, do not stop taking Telmisartan without consulting your doctor even if your blood pressure is controlled. Stopping it suddenly may increase your blood pressure which could be detrimental for you. Telmisartan does not cure high blood pressure but controls it. So, you may have to take the medicine life long. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

    Q. Can the use of Telmisartan cause hyperkalemia (increased potassium level in blood)?

    Yes, Telmisartan can cause hyperkalemia (increased potassium level in blood). A regular monitoring of blood potassium levels may be advised by your doctor while taking this medicine.

    Q. If I have some kidney problem, can I take Telmisartan? Can it further deteriorate my kidney function?

    You can take Telmisartan if it has been advised by your doctor. Your doctor may ask you to get regular tests done (potassium and creatinine levels) in order to monitor your kidney function. Telmisartan may cause worsening of kidney function, therefore you should contact your doctor in case you notice swelling in your feet, ankles, or hands or unexplained weight gain.

    Q. I am overweight and doctor has prescribed me Telmisartan for blood pressure control. I am bothered that Telmisartan can increase my weight. Is it true?

    No, do not worry since Telmisartan is not known to cause weight gain. In fact in animal studies Telmisartan has been found to decrease fat tissue.

    Q. Does Telmisartan affect blood glucose levels in diabetics?

    Telmisartan may lower blood glucose levels in patients of diabetes. Therefore, a regular check on blood glucose levels is essential. Talk to your doctor if you are a diabetic because the dose of insulin or antidiabetic medicines may need adjustment.

    Q. Do I need to follow any precautions if I take ibuprofen and Telmisartan together?

    If you are taking ibuprofen and Telmisartan together, you should continuously keep a check on your blood pressure and kidney function. Telmisartan may enhance the side effects of ibuprofen which may further cause water retention, especially in patients taking Telmisartan for heart failure. Ibuprofen may interfere with working of Telmisartan and decrease its efficiency at lowering blood pressure.

    Q. How long does it take for Telmisartan to work?

    You may see an improvement within a few days. But, the maximum benefit can be seen within 4-8 weeks of starting treatment.

    Q. Should Telmisartan be taken in the morning or at night?

    Telmisartan is generally recommended to be taken once daily, either in the morning or in the evening. Consider taking it at the same time each day as it will help you to remember taking it.

    Q. Does Telmisartan work by causing excessive urination?

    No, Telmisartan does not cause excessive urination and does not belong to diuretic class of medicines. Telmisartan works by relaxing the blood vessels by blocking the effect of a substance known as angiotensin II. Angiotensin II causes blood vessels to narrow which causes an increase in blood pressure.

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