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    Information about Ritodrine

    Ritodrine uses

    Ritodrine is used in preterm labor.

    How ritodrine works

    Ritodrine relaxes the muscles of the uterus and prevents preterm delivery.

    Common side effects of ritodrine

    Tremor, Tachycardia

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    Expert advice for Ritodrine

    • Caution is to be used if you are suffering from cardiac diseases, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, hypokalemia and diabetes mellitus.
    • High doses of ritodrine might cause hypokalemia in patients taking corticosteroids, diuretics (acetazalamide, loop diuretics and thiazides) or theophylline. 
    • Your blood pressure and pulse rate may be monitored while on ritodrine treatment.
    • Avoid over-hydration while taking ritodrine.
    • Stop taking this medicine and you may advised to use ?–blocker as an antidote in case of drug overdose.

    Frequently asked questions for Ritodrine


    Q. What is Ritodrine?

    Ritodrine is a 2-adrenergic agonist

    Q. What it is used for?

    It is used in in treatment of uncomplicated premature labour.

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