Premature Labor

Description of Premature Labor

Preterm labor is the labor that starts before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy. It can lead to premature birth. Premature babies may face serious health risks.
Signs and Symptoms
Symptoms of preterm labor include:
1. Contractions every 10 minutes or more often
2. Leaking fluid or bleeding from the vagina
3. Feeling of pressure in the pelvis
4. Low, dull backache
5. Cramps that feel like menstrual cramps
6. Abdominal cramps with or without diarrhea
1. Premature rupture of membranes
2. Bleeding during pregnancy
3. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
4. Weak cervix
Upon consulting, your doctor may prescribe you with medications.
NIH: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
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