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    Information about Pholcodine

    Pholcodine uses

    Pholcodine is used for dry cough.

    How pholcodine works

    Pholcodine is an opioid analgesic ( pain reliever). It works by decreasing the perception of pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

    Common side effects of pholcodine

    Sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Sleepiness, Vomiting, Weakness, Dehydration, Lightheadedness, Nausea, Edema (swelling), Dryness in mouth, Fatigue, Anemia (low number of red blood cells), Sedation, Constipation

    Available Medicine for Pholcodine

    No medicine available

    Expert advice for Pholcodine

    • Use Pholcodine as instructed by your doctor. Never take in greater amounts or more often than prescribed.
    • It causes sleepiness or drowsiness. If this happens to you, do not drive or use machinery.
    • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking the Pholcodine, as it may cause excessive sleepiness or drowsiness.
    • Inform your doctor if you have ever been diagnosed with kidney or liver problems.
    • Store opioid pain relievers in a safe place and out of reach of others.

    Frequently asked questions for Pholcodine


    Q. Is pholcodine the same as codeine?

    No. Pholcodine and codeine are two different drugs that have similar uses (treatment of dry cough) and mechanism of action. Pholcodine has a lower tendency for drug dependence (addiction) and may be preferred in certain cases over codeine

    Q. Does Pholcodine make you drowsy?

    Yes. Drowsiness is a side effect of Pholcodine use.

    Content on this page was last updated on 26 September, 2017, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)