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    Information about Norethisterone

    Norethisterone uses

    Norethisterone is used in heavy menstrual bleeding, pain during menstruation and endometriosis.

    How norethisterone works

    Norethisterone is a synthetic progestin. It works by mimicking the effects of natural progesterone (female hormone). It helps regulate the growth and shedding of the womb lining, thereby treating menstrual irregularities.

    Common side effects of norethisterone

    Nausea, Dizziness, Headache, Breast tenderness, Ovarian cysts, Irregular menstrual cycle
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    Expert advice for Norethisterone

    • Norethisterone regulates menstrual cycles and treats a wide range of menstrual disorders such as heavy and painful periods, and endometriosis.
    • It may cause bleeding or spotting in between menstrual periods. Let your doctor know if this occurs frequently.
    • Stop taking Norethisterone and inform your doctor immediately if you get severe headaches, stabbing pains or swelling in one leg, pain on breathing, sudden changes in your vision or hearing, or yellowing of your skin or whites of your eyes.
    • Do not take Norethisterone if you are pregnant. Use a non-hormonal method of contraception such as condoms to prevent pregnancy while you are taking this medication, as it is not a contraceptive.
    • If you miss taking Norethisterone more often, you may experience vaginal bleeding or spotting (blood stain). Consult your doctor about it.

    Frequently asked questions for Norethisterone


    Q. What is Norethisterone used for?

    Norethisterone is similar to the progesterone hormones naturally produced by the body. It helps in treating a variety of menstrual problems, such as heavy bleeding, amenorrhea (absence of periods), irregular periods, and premenstrual syndrome (irritability, bloating, fatigue occurring few days before period). It is also used to delay periods.

    Q. How and in what dose should I take Norethisterone?

    For best results, take it strictly as per the advice of your doctor. The number of doses you take each day, and the number of days for which you take it depends on the medical problem being treated. However, it is recommended that you take it at the same time of each day. This will ensure consistent levels of medicine in your body.

    Q. What if I forget to take Norethisterone?

    If you forget a dose, take it as soon as you remember, and continue taking the tablets at their usual time. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. However, if you miss your dose often, you may experience frequent bleeding and spotting. Consult your doctor about it.

    Q. What are the common side effects which I can experience while taking Norethisterone?

    The common side effects caused by Norethisterone are vaginal bleeding or spotting, headache, nausea (feeling sick) and weight gain. Norethisterone can also cause fluid retention, thereby causing swelling. Most of these symptoms are temporary. However, if they persist, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

    Q. Can Norethisterone be used as a birth control medicine?

    No, Norethisterone cannot be used as a birth control medicine. Consult with your doctor to seek options for contraceptives.

    Q. Does Norethisterone cause miscarriage?

    Norethisterone has not been reported to cause miscarriage. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using any medicine during pregnancy.

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