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    Information about Gemcitabine

    Gemcitabine uses

    How gemcitabine works

    Gemcitabine interferes with the growth of DNA and RNA of the cancer cells by substituting their building blocks. It prevents the cancer cells from growing and multiplying.

    Common side effects of gemcitabine

    Nausea, Vomiting, Loss of appetite, Hair loss, Low blood platelets, Allergic reaction, Breathlessness, Decreased white blood cell count, Increased liver enzymes, Anemia (low number of red blood cells), Influenza like symptoms, Blood in urine, Skin rash, Protein in urine
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    Available Medicine for Gemcitabine

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    Expert advice for Gemcitabine

    • Use a reliable contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy while you are taking this medicine.
    • Inform your doctor immediately if you notice any signs of infection such as fever, sore throat, rash or severe diarrhea.

    Frequently asked questions for Gemcitabine


    Q. Is Gemcitabine a vesicant/ anthracycline/ prodrug?

    Gemcitabine is not a vesicant/ anthracycline/ prodrug

    Q. Does Gemcitabine cause hair loss or abdominal pain?

    Yes, Gemcitabine has hair loss and abdominal pain as side effects. Please consult your doctor immediately if you experience such side effects

    Q. Is Gemcitabine a cytotoxic or chemotherapy agent?

    Yes, Gemcitabine is a cytotoxic chemotherapy agent

    Q. Does Gemcitabine work in pancreatic cancer?

    Yes, Gemcitabine is used to treat pancreatic cancer.

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