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    Fluocinolone Topical

    Information about Fluocinolone Topical

    Fluocinolone topical uses

    Fluocinolone Topical is used in the treatment of allergic disorders.

    How fluocinolone topical works

    Fluocinolone Topical is a topical corticosteroid (anti-inflammatory medicine). It works by reducing redness, itching, and swelling caused by various skin conditions.

    Common side effects of fluocinolone topical

    Skin thinning, Contact dermatitis

    Available Medicine for Fluocinolone Topical

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    Frequently asked questions for Fluocinolone Topical

    Fluocinolone Topical

    Q. Is fluocinolone a steroid?

    Yes, fluocinolone is a steroid drug

    Q. Is available or sold over the counter?

    No, fluocinolone is a prescription drug. It is not available or sold over the counter

    Q. Is fluocinolone the same as fluocinonide?

    Fluocinolone and fluocinonide are two different drugs belonging to the same class. They are used for the same indications

    Q. Can fluocinolone topical cause hair growth?

    Fluocinolone may cause hair growth at the site of application. If you experience any such symptoms, please consult your doctor.

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