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    Information about Dydrogesterone

    Dydrogesterone uses

    Dydrogesterone is used in female infertility, pain during menstruation, endometriosis, amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, premenstural syndrome and hormone replacement therapy. It is also used in the maintenance of early pregnancy with unexplained miscarriages.

    How dydrogesterone works

    Dydrogesterone is a progestin (female hormones). It works as part of hormone replacement therapy by replacing the amount of oestrogen in the uterus. It works to bring on menstruation by replacing the natural progesterone that some women are missing.

    Common side effects of dydrogesterone

    Edema (swelling), Abdominal bloating, Anxiety, Irritability, Depression, Muscle pain

    Available Medicine for Dydrogesterone

    Expert advice for Dydrogesterone

    Do consult your doctor before taking dydrogesterone:
    • If you have abnormal bleeding, the cause of which is not known.
    • If you have depression.
    • If you have liver problems.
    • If you have porphyria (a rare blood pigment disorder that affects skin and other organs).
    Do not take dydrogesterone if you have a tumor of brain (meningioma) which is sensitive to progesterone levels in the bodyDo contact your doctor immediately if upon the use of dydrogesterone you experience unexpected vaginal bleeding or spotting that,
    • Continues for more than few months.
    • Starts after you have been on treatment for some time.
    • Persists on even after you have stopped treatment.
    Do not take dydrogesterone in combination with estrogen (as a hormone replacement therapy) if you have breast cancer or cancer of the uterus lining (endometrium)Do consult your doctor before using dydrogesterone if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnantDo not take dydrogesterone, if you are breast feeding or plan to breast feed.

    Frequently asked questions for Dydrogesterone


    Q. What are Dydrogesterone tablets?

    Dydrogesterone tablet contains the active drug dydrogesterone, a synthetic form of progesterone and is used for the treatment of progesterone deficiencies/ insufficiencies.

    Q. Is Dydrogesterone same as progesterone?

    Dydrogesterone is an orally-active synthetic form of progesterone. Its action is similar to progesterone produced in the body.

    Q. Is Dydrogesterone a steroid?

    Dydrogesterone has a steroidal chemical structure which is very similar to the naturally produced steroidal female hormone progesterone.

    Q. Does Dydrogesterone delay periods?

    Yes. delayed, irregular, painful and heavy menstrual periods are among the common side effects of Dydrogesterone

    Q. How does Dydrogesterone work?

    Dydrogesterone works by replacing female hormone progesterone in conditions where the body fails to produce sufficient amounts.

    Q. Is Dydrogesterone safe?

    Dydrogesterone is safe if taken for prescribed duration in prescribed doses for an indication as advised by your doctor.

    Q. What is Dydrogesterone used for?

    Dydrogesterone is used for the treatment of diseases like painful menstruation, decreased menstruation, irregular menstruation, threatened and habitual (recurring) abortion, inability to conceive and other gynecological problems due to progesterone deficiency or insufficiency.

    Content on this page was last updated on 15 February, 2018, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)