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    Information about Codeine

    Codeine uses

    Codeine is used for pain and dry cough.

    How codeine works

    Codeine decreases the perception of pain by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

    Common side effects of codeine

    Sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Sleepiness, Vomiting, Weakness, Dehydration, Lightheadedness, Nausea, Edema, Dry mouth, Fatigue, Anemia, Sedation, Constipation

    Available Medicine for Codeine

    Expert advice for Codeine

    Do not drink alcohol while you are on codeine medication. Take the drug with meals or a snack to prevent stomach upset.
    Do not drive or operate machinery.
    Do not use for pain relief in children and adolescents (0-18 years of age) as it may cause serious breathing problems.Codeine can be habit forming, so do not take larger doses or for longer duration than what is prescribed by your doctor.
    Codeine commonly cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, especially when you change positions, such as going from sitting to standing. Be careful since you can feel dizzy or fall. If symptoms continue for more than a week, you may need to change the dose or medicine after consulting your doctor.Always consult your doctor if you are using drugs or have used drugs in the past, are taking or have taken within the last two weeks, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) such as moclobemide, or phenelzine used in the treatment of depression.Codeine may cause constipation. Consult your doctor about changing your diet and using other medications to treat or prevent constipation.Doctor’s advice should be considered in any of following disease conditions
    • Attacks of asthma, bronchitis or emphysema, cor-pulmonale.
    • Severe obesity.
    • Severely deformed spine, mental illness brought on by an infection.
    • Liver problems, kidney problems, problems with your bile duct.
    • Enlarged prostate gland (in men) or difficulty in passing urine.
    • Under-active thyroid or adrenal gland.
    • Low blood pressure.
    • Inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis or a blockage in the bowel, fits.
    • Myasthenia gravis.

    Frequently asked questions for Codeine


    Q. Is codeine legal in India?
    Yes, however codeine containing tablets require prescription in India
    Q. Is codeine addictive?
    Codeine may cause addiction when consumed for longer duration. Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use
    Q. Is codeine a narcotic/hydrocodone/morphine/depressant?
    Codeine is a naturally occurring form of morphine and called as narcotic. Hydrocodone is derived form of codeine. Codeine is not a depressant drug
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    Q. Is codeine strong?
    It depends on the dose. Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use
    Q. Is codeine/Corex/Phensedyl over the counter or banned in India?
    No, it is available in India with doctor's prescription only
    Q. Is codeine/Corex bad or harmful?
    It is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor
    Q. Is Corex a drug?
    No, Corex is a cough syrup which contains codeine as one of its component
    Q. What is Paracodin/Paracodin tablets/Paracodin 10 mg/Paracodol/Paracodina/Paracodin drops/Phensedyl/Phensedyl cough syrup used for?
    These are the trade names of codeine containing products. Your doctor may prescribe it (depending on the disease condition) for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, diarrhea, cough, irritable bowel syndrome
    Q. Can I take codeine for flu/headache/toothache/cold/back pain/tonsillitis/migraine/menstrual cramps/stomach pain?
    Codeine is specifically used for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, diarrhea, cough, irritable bowel syndrome. Patients should follow the advice of the doctor regarding its use
    Q. Can I take codeine with naproxen/paracetamol/ibuprofen/advil/ warfarin/metronidazole/hydrocodone/diclofenac/ amoxicillin?
    You can take codeine with paracetamol/ibuprofen/ Advil/ warfarin/ diclofenac/amoxicillin/naproxen. Taking metronidazole and hydrocodone may alter the effects of codeine. Always consult your doctor for the change of dose regimen or an alternative drug of choice that may strictly be required
    Q. Does codeine expire?
    Codeine containing tablets are available with mention of expiry date on it. Before taking medicine, patient should consult pharmacist or doctor
    Q. Does codeine make you high/tired/fat/awake/ sleep/constipate/thin blood/headache?
    Codeine causing these side effects is rare or uncommon. However, consult your doctor if you experience any of these side effects
    Q. Does codeine have acetaminophen in it?
    No, it does not contain acetaminophen in it. However, your doctor may prescribe codeine along with acetaminophen.

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