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    (200 GM powder in box)
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    VITAMAX POWDER is a multivitamin Drink is formulated a multivitamin powder into a super food drink that's ideal for adults, children, teens and seniors. This multivitamin drink is an alternative to tablets or capsules.
    Vitamax multivitamin powder is developed for people of all ages who want the benefits of efficient digestion and optimum bio-availability assuring effective utilization of the full spectrum of key health-building super food nutrients. Its nutritive whole-food base contains natural antioxidants and enzyme-rich blend of fruit and berry concentrates.
    Vitamax Power Mix is a super, multivitamin powder that is power-packed with a daily multiple super food nutrient formula that provides the body with essential Vitamins and antioxidants
    · Encourages optimum nutritional intake.
    · Key health building super food nutrients which is helpful in overall well being of body
    · More nutritive power than bottled Vitamin water.
    · Helps build immunity.
    · Assists efficient weight loss.
    · Promotes efficient digestion.
    · It includes the following daily whole food nutrients -Ultra Antioxidants,Vitamins, Calcium, Minerals , Enzymes, Prebiotic Soluble Fiber Complex

    Use under medical supervision.


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